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revenge on the bitch

So yeah, I just totally got revenge on the bitch who took a shit on my heart. Maybe I took it too far, but right now Im so pumped up on vengeance that Im going to pop haha. I loved her, and she fucking ripped by heart out. I knew she was fucking some other guy, when I went threw her phone and found some sexts with a ‘Dylan,’ my most hated guy name. Figures… but I pretended like it didn’t hurt me, I didn’t even tell her that I found out about it… I just played it cool until the perfect moment, when it was about 10pm & we were just watching movies. She told me she was parched, so I asked if she wanted some tea…. well guess what bitch, that was shroom tea, and youre going to flip the fuuuck out haha. I waited until about 30 min after she drank it, then locked her in my office. No bitch Im not letting you out, not after what you did. Remember when we were getting to know each other? You said how you absolutely hated hearing your own voice? Well guess what, I recorded all the awkward shit you said, and Now you are locked in my office and having a nightmare trip, and Im playing all the voice samples I have of you on loop. Ha ah ha you don’t know where the sound is coming from, do you? Its my sound system that I have run throughout my house, hooked up to my PC. Im playing your own voice back to you and its not going to stop, lol, you are going to go insane from this. You like those TVs yes. Keep looking at them, because all you will see is the puppet clown from the SAW movies. Now Im playing Faaip de Oiad on full blast. Scary isnt it? How does it feel to be a lying, cheating cunt. Go ahead and call the cops to rescue you, because I just put a planted a pound of coke in your purse. So, dont talk about this if you know whats good for you. This may or not be the last time I will subject you to such torment. Better keep those panties on.

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Family thinks I am trash.

Family thinks I am trash. I just think I am a guy who likes to rack up cheevos and jack off on my bedsheets that a havent washed for 10 months, since I usually fall asleep completely wasted at the computer anyway so it doesnt really gross me out . there are times where I actually shower and say, I am going to get a good nights rest, and then I feel that lukewarm puddle from the morning sesh on my leg, and while I do feel a brief sense of shame, it quickly goes away as I pass into sleep with the sounds and visions of killstreaks from a days wirth of murking flashing against my eyelids and echoing in my soon to be void of a mind. Sometimes I actually make an effort to use a rag, but thats just more laundry, which by the way I cant do without extreme mental preparation and focus. I can bring the hamper upstairs from the basement , but when I get to the light and dark separation part I hear the Halo match countdown timer ticking down so I just run back downstairs and start cleaning house with my DMR. They say rock bottom is low, and I think I am there — but under those rocks is disgusting black muck and grime, and if the collection of dirt and shit, literal shit under my fingernails from not washing my hands is an indication, I might just sink even lower if thats possible and given my body mass, that wont take long. Last year I actually measured some detergent into a cup and washed the pathetically miniscule wardrobe I have, and even threw them in the dryer and ALMOST folded them before throwing them in a pile of dirty clothes in the corner that I forgot about. Sessions with my life coach have proved to be futile, but she admits that she actually respects my lack of ambition and that I enjoy doing jackshit, because she has saved all of her patients from desolation and I seem to be the only one who still just wants to smoke pot and play Xbox, despite countless NLP sessions. Well lol thats enough self pity, gotta head upstairs for dinner. If it is something undesirable I will probably just ride my bike to McDonalds and then purchase a 1 year sub to Xbox Live Gold, which is close to expiring.

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hey mom hey dad

(Lives on own for a year, fails miserably at it) uhh hey mom hey dad its me your son, you might be wondering why i have a trash bag of cloths and my computer staged in the drive way lol but truth is, i quit my job at sears so i could move back in since i missed you guys so much haha. I know my room is being used for storage but my brothers are away at college so dont worry i can crash in their rooms for the foreseeable future until i get back on my feet. Dont worry i wont run the ethernet cable across the house unless my pings really bad, i got this sick 802.11n card so we should be golden….uHhhhh i promise i wont get high during the day, only a few times a week, at night, so the neighbors wont smell a thing :b whoa a new fridge!!! Haha im sure yall wont be able to eat all of it at once, scoutsd honor i will wash the pans out after i make fried egg sandwiches at 4 in the morning and i will at least pretend to kep the volume down when im gaming and i will N O T masturbate when someones home and if your lucky i might just vaccuum. Heard the neihborhoods had a few robberys so its a good thing im here.. hey dad can i have some money haha

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ever feel like you died?

“Do you ever feel like you died, but no one told u?” When The Coletrain said that in the final chapter of Gears of War 3, I just had to put the sticks down and think about my life. Then before I knew it my Xboxs auto poweroff setting kicked in, and I was just sitting there still stoned out of my mind in complete silent darkness.

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trouble with network card

Hey all, Matt here. My sobriety date is never. To sum things up I am simply an alcoholic, addict piece of crap. I struggle to feed, dress, and bath myself. I sometimes brush my teeth once a week if that, because I see no point. I am alone. I always have been. I some times free myself from the void via exotic designer drugs. I have been to diffrent dimensions — I have seen the entitys that inhabit them. I’ve had dialogues with trees and I know it was real.

I began my drug career in 2nd grade when my friend Clem insisted we smoke weed while riding our bikes to school. From there I started doing coke and other hard drugs, Im pretty sure tghat by 10th grade I had alreadt been on the DMT voyage,. I struggle to get out of bed and facing the day ahead of me makes me want to die. Taking the bread out of a bag, puitting meat & lettuce on it, and some condiments like mayo, mustard etc feels like it takes an eternity so I usually find myself starving while I glue myself to my TV, its way to late into the next day already so I go to Taco Bell before it closes. My desk is marely but a surface on which I cut/grind whatever Pills I have available into a snortable powder.

All this leads me to this trouble Ive been expereiencing with my network card — I am unable to find the drivers for it. If any goons could lend some experience, I am all ears. Thanks.

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Failson of the Year

Failson checking in. Ive been a Failson since the golden age of 18 where I skipped out on going away to college so I could stay home and play Halo2 on my gigantic television and sick at the time 1.5MB internet. And with Half Life 2, the additional Halo2 DLC, etc around the corner, who could blame me lol. What an insane bong I had . Anyways I lied about the military, my dad took my tower one day when I was out “job hunting” ( Iwas at the bookstore) and hucked the fucker 20 feet in the air and it came crashing down to the driveway before he mauled it with his new sledgehammer that he was itching to use on something. My bong was hidden inside there so I lost that also. I was able to salvage a few RAM modules and somehow the power supply — Antec makes solid products. So thats why I was gone for a few years, spending my time at Barnes and Noble and playing the kiosk consoles at circuit city when I was supposed to be job hunting . I got an A in college math at the local junior college and my parents eased off a bit and gave me $100 to go buy a TV with. Lol, I wasnt about to buy some piece of trash so I stole my parents TV when they were both at work, pawned it, basically staging a robbery, even sending out texts to my parents asking where the TV was. Traded that sucker for a nice, crisp 1080p set and murked Gears & Halo until I was back in the shitter and getting yelled at to get a job. Still on the same block. Sometimes my dad will slide a $5 or $10 scratch off winner under my bolted shut door just to get me to leave the house so I can cash it for weed money, lol. The only reason I can still function after years of blazing and lethargy is because I have amassed roughly 4000 ladder matches in SC2 which is quite intense. Still “job hunting” every other day or so. Anyways, that is why I believe I should be entitled to Failson of the Year Award. Bye.

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Really Good

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