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the nerds always win in the end

The thing is, the nerds always win in the end. The jocks are loud and threatening and big and brash and win early on, but the nerds are subversive and thoughtful and calculating and subtle and play the long game by design, without even realizing it. Long after the jock earns his beer gut and bald spot and consumer BMW trophies and Stepford wife, the nerd is lifehacking and fittit’ing and juggling offers from both jobs and the opposite sex and making cool shit and not giving a shit about material things except when they might change the world like Bitcoin.

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For Science

Hey there, friend. You probably think that you’re so witty and clever for using the “for science” line. You should know, however, that “for science” wasn’t always used to beg for female flesh. In fact, that line was originally a very cool catchphrase, almost a battlecry. It used to mean doing something bizarre or risky in the name of curiosity. It is only more recently that people like you have misappropriated it, and in doing so, perverted it. So please consider that the next time you say “for science”.

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Reddit Meetups

Meetups are a blast. You get several dozen socially-awkward people who have fucking nothing in common in one room, pump them full of alcohol, give them nothing to talk about that everyone else hasn’t already seen on the front page, and then turn loose a token female or two for them to fight over and try to impress.

I went to one where it was a concert in some woman’s living room fronted by a guy who couldn’t play the guitar, and in the space of half an hour it devolved into two guys talking about /r/jailbait and eating a tray full of pineapple while a crying man paced around the yard offering people jello shots before I left to find acid.

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I make shitty advice animals that get posted on 9gag for a living.

Seriously. I’m a graphic designer that worked at a large corporation for about a year. The CEO’s immature, college drop-out son was put in charge of a small section to try and keep him out of trouble.

He’s switched my job from graphic design to making shitty advice animals he thinks of, because he’s not smart enough to use a meme generator. Hes also given me routine raises, so I guess it works out.

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Worst day of my goddamn life.

Once a cute girl was sitting next to me on the bus. She ended up falling asleep and rested her head on my shoulder, and I just let it go because she was cute. Maybe ten minutes later she gets up, realizes that she fell asleep, and starts fucking SCREAMING that I was molesting her. Then this fat black woman behind me gets in on the action, saying stuff like, OH DIS HERE HONKEY IS A RAPIST. The driver stopped the fucking bus and made me get off, I had to walk 5 fucking miles in the rain to my apartment.

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I’ve happened across a completely blind woman

I’ve happened across a completely blind woman who is smoking hot and clearly takes care of herself physically. I’ve been redpilling for a while now and had a good amount of success (particularly with day game). I met this girl pulling one of my usual day stunts, she was sat alone eating something outside a coffee shop on a sunny day. Cue some line and asking to join her. I didn’t realise she was blind until after I’d started talking to her and (though shamefully, I began to think “exit strategy”) none of the subconscious signals I usually work on sending were available to me from that point.

Now, on the one hand it occurred to me that this woman might actually be the perfect beta wife. She doesn’t know what an alpha male looks like. She doesn’t give a shit if you dress well, because she can’t tell anyway. On the other hand, keeping this woman’s attention away from dismissing me is one of the hardest “game” situations I’ve had for a while.

I’m having a hard time approaching this from a logical perspective, as her perception of the world is not something I have ever seen. We exchanged numbers and I’m planning on meeting her again, but how do you apply tactics when this woman doesn’t know she’s smoking hot in the looks department, or the physical aspect of mate selection from her point of view.

I’m completely stumped, other than my own avenue of success which was to make her laugh a lot.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I know TRP deals with what’s applicable to the masses on a statistical or anecdotal evidence, but this has presented an interesting conundrum.

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I’ve been a memer since 2006

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve been a memer since they first appeared on 4chan circa 2006 (ages ago in internet time). I remember refreshing /b/ all afternoon with the hope that someone would make a new meme. I was a memer back when Advice Dog was the only one and I still upvote every Advice Dog meme I see becasue of the fond rush of nostalgia it brings me. Nowadays, there are many thousand on quickmeme and other meme websites. I was a memer back before memegenerator was created (the first meme website) and I had to make them with MS Powerpoint or Paint. Speaking of meme websites, I was one of the first submitters to memebase.com and still have one of the top accounts there despite having migrated to reddit nearly 2 years ago. It was on 4chan and memebase where I cut my teeth creating memes, way before I had a reddit account and way before /r/adviceanimals was created in late 2010. Back before I could get any sort of points or even username recognition, I was creating memes as a clever and easily digestible way to reflect on society, relate some story to my audience, or just be funny. Do you remember rich raven? No? I do. You probably don’t remember depression dog, crazy girlfriend praying mantis, introspective pug, or friendzone Johnny either. I remember all of them. In fact, you have only submitted two posts to adviceanimals garnering a total of just 4 points and have not commented there any time recently. So please, respect my judgement regarding the direction of the subreddit and the integrity of posts I have held dear to my heart for nearly 7 years but you have no strong feelings for.

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Using a dozen alt-accounts

Using a dozen alt-accounts Ive mass downvoted every one of my g/f’s Reddit posts in order to crush her self esteem and make her dependent on my support.

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Bill Nye is a supreme dickweed

In no uncertain terms, he was rude, disrespectful, and altogether damaging to the scientific environment we were trying to foster.

Nye was preceded by a 25 page rider of ridiculous demands – no laptops with HDMI ports. Basket of fruit including tomatoes, “because not enough people know tomatoes are a fruit.” Two boxes of cornstarch emptied out on a mirror in the dressing room. A jar full of smoke or fog that is labeled as “Ghost – or Science?”.

He ends up getting her two hours late, clearly disoriented, and immediately began hitting on my assistant. When I gently asked him to refrain, he began clapping his hands and singing “No Lay The Science Gay.”

Finally he gets on stage three hours late, and proceeds to talk about some piece of fiction he read. He talked about entirely fake things that you can’t even write proofs for. The. Entire. Time.

TLDR he’s just a supreme dickweed.

e: Jesus. Reddit Lead? I didn’t even know they made Reddit Lead. Well fuck you whoever bought that for me.

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things went downhill very quickly

Interesting girl I’ve been talking to on OkC for a while now, I finally get her number (she’s hard to get a hold of).

“Ah, but I’m at work and I don’t have her name! I’ll just Google the number first and see if I can get it. Easy enough.”

Long story short: in under 10 minutes, I found her Facebook account, her mother’s Facebook account, her mother’s place of business, home address, and Twitter account.

I dabble in Information Security as part of my job and as a hobby, so I thought I’d take a moment to contact her on Facebook. The idea was that she’d ask how I found her Facebook info and I’d start a discussion on how she could better protect her information on the Internet as what she thought was private was anything but.

Let’s just say things went downhill very quickly.

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