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When Silent Bob Speaks

he just stands there and doesn’t say a word while jay is up to his usual antics: smoking weed, singing songs, goofing off… when he finally pipes up, which is very rare, it’s actually some of the truest shit in the movie, likely straight wisdom from kevin smith himself. that was the inspiration for my poem, “When Silent Bob Speaks”.

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does anyone else here like radiohead?

Many Radiohead records are 45rpm, meaning that when played at the most common record speed, 33rpm, the songs play slower; I believe that Radiohead intends for people to enjoy these “alternate versions” of their albums. Via an Ac to DC power converter, i can get a fog machine running in the ol Chevy Tahoe. A few buffalo chicken packs from Safeway, some ranch dressing, and i am good to go, driving 15mph around suburban neighborhoods and playing Hail to the Thief at 85% speed, which i have burned to CD, while i munch on my chicken wings, moist from the ranch goop + the ambient fog.

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