i couldnt believe my eyes was the tall dark beautiful woman before me really at the 9/11 deniers conference or had the government sent another a hologram into my life? youve got to watch out for holograms man your fucking mother could be one and you’d never know theyre so good at looking real nowadays. but anyways this girl was giving off heat (i searched her for bugs before we started talking) and i felt my penis for the first time in months and kind of thought there might be a god or something. i asked her why were no explosive materials found at ground zero and she smiled and said because the national institute of standards and technology never even did an investigation you cant find explosives you never looked for. i said oh you seem like a controlled demolition kind of girl (so smooth) and she says yeah i believe explosives were planted at the towers prior to the plane crashes. i stopped her there just to do another sweep for bugs because you never know who could be listening. then i asked her if she was prepared for the New World Order to take over like had she stocked up on perishables and dual channel cb radios and anti tank weaponry. she twirled her hair (side note: when a girl twirls her hair she is sending you a sublte signal that she is ready to fuck. just go for it man you should always assume that no matter the circumstance) and said she hadnt looked that far ahead right now she was just spreading the word that no steel frame high rise had ever collapsed because of a fire before september the 11th, 2001, when two 747 aircraft “crashed” into two 110 story skyscrapers know informally at “WTC 1” and “WTC 2”, roughly three blocks from the fulton street subway stop, which somehow remained open as the buildings collapsed. how odd. thats all i will say, odd and eirie that the subway station was not shut down, as if the head of nyc transportation was “expecting” this disaster. i asked for her number and she gave it to me and then i said i dont use phones i just wanted to see how you would respond and she thought that was kind of weird. but we made plans to meet up on sunday for coffee and i went home and pet my goat until i collapsed like WTC 7