It was the morning time. And yet, I was barely awake. For it was just the day.My momma, she was a nice lady. Looking upon me and telling me I was cool. But i did not believe it. for I knew in my heart that I was a special boy, with a special power, but I dare not tell anyone. For who would believe?We were divorcing. Driving to the new house… a dark, somber house. It was a sad place. My new fake dad Jerry was in the car, telling me he loved me and thought he was smart and that he knew anything. Well you actually don’t, Jerry, and you are stupid and a fucking idiot. So we were yelling. But the scare of the night was upon us so we acted quite fine and nice and he seemed to realize finally that I was the better man. Or so we thought.

Breaking to midnight.

We pull to the house. It is a dark, black, big dark echo house. It is six stories tall but only three floors, the dark grueling upon its ancient stems. I laugh briefly — Jerry says, “Shut up, Asshole, this is a real place and your mom and I are in love.” I look at him and say no you aren’t. There is no way you are my dad and yet you try to act like you are. Well you don’t know the first thing about me or my mom, you haven’t lived with us and you act like you’re my dad, well you aren’t. So shut the fuck up Jerry. Shut the fuck up. You are a fucking asshole and I hate you, my dad would have hated you, and my mom should hate you. Fuck you Jerry.

The house comes into soft focus. It’s big and dark and the sour stems of the pilings are looking up before us. I see the spindles, and I shiver. This is truly a dark house.

We come upon the doors, tall and dark. The ancient wood is cracking as it is old. I knock twice upon it. “Hello!”, I say. And yet nobody answers.

So we open the door.

There’s a cobweb in front of the door, causing my mom to nearly barf. Jerrty splits his butthole wide open, and I slide my faggot rod into it. He screams “Fuck me, you little nigger. You have such a fucking rock hard faggot cock.” I spray my homo semen into his little slut hole. My mother fucks a nigger. I am screaming as I fuck Jerry, Fuck you, Fuck you Jerry, This is not my life, This is not who I am, This is not who we will be. The family solidifies. We wake up, feeling the breath of the spirits upon us. We calm down.

Now it is a vacuos echo chamber. Is this the entry way? My momma asks. Well, who knows. This could be the old hole of a dead rapist zombie pirate ninja. Is it? Jerry is scared. Well fuck you Jerry, you don’t know anything.

I storm ahead into the chamber dark.

Now they are alone. Looking towards me. Do we go? Jerry is established as the Beta male. He follows with my Mom in tow.

So the dark chamber of the echo room is here, we are in a hallway. Are there rooms here? Is this the scary chamber? Yes. It Is. I echo, surprise of my mother seeming upon us. “MOM!!! Wow, that was surprising. Is this a ghost? No, it isn’t.” She agrees. “It isn’t, son” So we calm down.

Now, truly, we are in the dark place.


Interest check: More? I love to write stories and I think this is great for fellow goons. So more?