A guy walks into a pub and half his head is a big orange. He says: ‘I’ll have a pint of lager, please.’ And the barman says: ‘Excuse me, I couldn’t help noticing, but half your head appears to be a big orange.’ And the boy goes: ‘Yeah, had that for a while now.’

So the barman says: ‘How did that come about, if you don’t mind me asking?’ And the boy says: ‘I was in this old junk shop when I found a lamp and when I gave it a rub this genie appeared.

He offered me the standard three wishes, and I said: ‘For my first wish, I’d like every woman I ever meet to fall madly in love with me.’ So the genie waves his genie hands and suddenly there’s women looking at me. Then the genie says: ‘What will your second wish be?’ I said: ‘I’d like a wallet with 1 million dollars in it, and I can never lose it, it can’t be destroyed, and every time I spend any of the money, it’ll be replenished.’ And the genie says: ‘Your wish is granted. Now, what will your third wish be?’ So I said: ‘For my third wish, I’d like half my head to be a big orange