I overheard a long-time friend of mine Melissa (a brunette) mention that she was planning on installing some insulation in her attic. I swooned like I had been struck by one of cupids arrows – – the thought of all that fine white microfiber, sharp and wild, keeping in heat – – I pulled myself to gether and tried to maintian composure. I suddenly realized that I Ccouldn’t hide it, no matter how I tried: I was hard as an Oak, and wearing lose-knit silk slacks that showed off my 8 inch dowsing rod. Melissa smirked: “I thought I was the only one” she said, raising an eyebrow and licking her lips. YEars of friendship suddenly transformed into erotic promise: it was an unspoken reality that we both knew without speaking – – it was time to go back to her place and push insulation into are privates.