Listen up you uncooperative fuckers, here are the new rules for the Catpicture SHowdown Emporium

  1. no pictures of water mammels
  2. check your jpegs at the door! break my tables and you are fucking banned for ever
  3. no words
  4. only post pictures of cats. how. many. time. do. i .have. to .saythis
  5. post no words
  6. dont poast any words!!! only catt pitcures!!!! jesus fucking christ you retarded fucking people
  7. if someone else think its `clever’ or `funny’` to post something thats not a cat picture i
  8. will fucking dest
  9. roy them
  10. no talking about lunch, or breakfast, or anything thats not a cat picture
  11. deviate a fucking millimeter from these simple god damn rules and i will ban you without a moments hesitation or remorse as i have so many before you
  12. try it. fucking try it
  13. do it i swear to god see what fucking happens
  14. HAVE FUN!