. turning the other cheek. beta manlet much?? it can also be interpreted in a sexual way, leaving you open to the gutteral owns of the swart races. fail.

. thou shalt have no god but me: uhh wow. huge red flag right there. like you needed any more proof after the way he treated his son. this guy is the definition of rape culture

. communion wafers – they ran out of actual body of christ two thousand years ago. look it up

. celibacy. this one actually owns. sorry but its true.

. hell: yeah sure put all my favorite people in one place. big punishment. the devil thinks hes so good at ironic torture but he’s stuck on new sincerity. definite fail for everyone involved in that shitshow

. original sin – a hurr durr i cant nbelieve they found the day zero exploit i told everyone about. time to be mature and shut down the server forever

. crusades: BIG fail. bunch of cucks going to the desert to learn how to fuck boys. i cant even describe how epic this fail was.