communist party threadless t, nudies [50 percent goon discount], onitsuka tigers mexico 66, calven klein pink briefs, big thick white socks form target, miley cyrus hat from walmart, thrifted organic fair tread twine, 50 of those silly bands little kids play w/ [1 hippo, 1 rhino, 10 dogs, 3 horses, rest are assorted lizards], 1 dollar plastic sun glasses w/ neo green fraes that actually cost 3 dollars at the dollar general, fine covering of dust, BO and bean scent, 3 keffiyahs, 2 “danchou” [only in kanji natch] red and black armbands that haruhi wears [one on each arm], some kind of small mammal in hair [likely rodent, langaroo mouse, vole?, stoat???], pockets full of oats [going into homebrew kit once they’re reached proper temp], lots of manga in a sort of bindle but the titles havae been replaced with “marx” and “mao” and “vilerat ftw RIP home diggy”, 3 awesome face pins attached to artificial diesel lapel [threadless tees don’t have proper lapels, ‘natch], complete discography of neutral milk hotel dangling from the twine, one plastic plate, one omplette w/ pickle inside on the plate, 2 milkshakes precariously stacked one one top of the other [no straws, straws are for fucking children, this is daycrew motherfucker], iphone 5 in back pocket w/ kirino app from oreimo and she’s saying “mou” really loudly, everyone can hear it saying “mou” and all the fucktards at the westfield san francisco are totes confused