hey guys, your favorite fountainhead here with some ways to get fancy and creative as a “soda dj” at the mcdonalds foutnains

-“the video game” just get a small sprite lol, sprites are a video game thing

-“hi-power” mix powerade and hi-c for endless headshots*

-“Shitty Root Beer” mix 3/4 root beer and 1/4 water for shitty, watered down root beer

-“Salty Pepper” every try a little salt in your D-Pep? amazing

-“Chili Pepper” spicy sweet chili cup in dr pep makes for a gross treat

-“Sweet and Sour Sauce mixed with Powerade Drink” sweet and sour sauce mixed with powerade

-“Mr. Risky” sneak in a little pepsi from home and mix that shit in with the coke – WARNING: managers do not like this

*denotes epic beverage