Dexter wakes up, hes in a puddle of slime and guess what. Its 1983 and Dexter teams up with Stewie from Family Guy to escape from prison and take down the leader of the KGB, until actually, it turns out hes not in prison. Its actually his own mind that he has to escape from. He discovers soime things and reveals the horrifying truth about gluten to the American public, forcing a Constitutional crisis at the highest levels of govt. Well they almost catch Dexter and he flips out, he releases a virus that turns half the population into zombies (Fast) and the other half into vampires (Sexy, daylight friendly). Cliffhanger ending is Dexter perched atop the burned Reichstag laughing as his aviators reflect a scene of thousands of sexy ass vampires wailing on an endless horde of fairly fucknig fast zombies.