Failson checking in. Ive been a Failson since the golden age of 18 where I skipped out on going away to college so I could stay home and play Halo2 on my gigantic television and sick at the time 1.5MB internet. And with Half Life 2, the additional Halo2 DLC, etc around the corner, who could blame me lol. What an insane bong I had . Anyways I lied about the military, my dad took my tower one day when I was out “job hunting” ( Iwas at the bookstore) and hucked the fucker 20 feet in the air and it came crashing down to the driveway before he mauled it with his new sledgehammer that he was itching to use on something. My bong was hidden inside there so I lost that also. I was able to salvage a few RAM modules and somehow the power supply — Antec makes solid products. So thats why I was gone for a few years, spending my time at Barnes and Noble and playing the kiosk consoles at circuit city when I was supposed to be job hunting . I got an A in college math at the local junior college and my parents eased off a bit and gave me $100 to go buy a TV with. Lol, I wasnt about to buy some piece of trash so I stole my parents TV when they were both at work, pawned it, basically staging a robbery, even sending out texts to my parents asking where the TV was. Traded that sucker for a nice, crisp 1080p set and murked Gears & Halo until I was back in the shitter and getting yelled at to get a job. Still on the same block. Sometimes my dad will slide a $5 or $10 scratch off winner under my bolted shut door just to get me to leave the house so I can cash it for weed money, lol. The only reason I can still function after years of blazing and lethargy is because I have amassed roughly 4000 ladder matches in SC2 which is quite intense. Still “job hunting” every other day or so. Anyways, that is why I believe I should be entitled to Failson of the Year Award. Bye.