Oh heyyyy you, didnt see you there LOL Well, my story? Me Ashley Brooke heather all coming back from a second rate danceclub new haven ct. omg all dying in the ride from the fun stories about the guys of the night and also all absolutely dyin for really fresh tender goose meat. ash would NOT shut up about it and we so had a craving. i played it real cool like lol i dunno lol where could we get some? no where? then……when my absolut FAVVVVV regina spek. song comes on “UH hey babes *lifts up skirt* pushed a Goose meat slab slowly right out on the exterior of the backseat!! I had stored a bunch of fresh dark goose meat up my pussy before we left and had it up inside my pussy the whole night!! haha I was *goosh some out slowly to one friend* and then pointin my pussy at the other girls *goosh in her direction out the pussy* we were all howling with laughter and the grizly juices were pouring down our chins as we indulged ourselves some goose meat was still trickling out from the deeper parts of my Pussy when i get home. memories!!np – green day – time of our lives