Got it all planned out — it is quite perfect. I`ve been running MW3 to keep the twitch reflexes in check, and have also been extensivly playing Battle Field just as a reminder that you gotta lead moving targets, and that guns just don`t shoot magic laser bullets lol. I`ve recently come across an abandowned warehouse 1-2 mi. away from my current undisclosed location, and I`ve turned it into a kill house, full of mazes & targets — with a soda bottle taped to the muzzle, no one can hear me conducting by own special recipe of tactical training haha. Also custom mapped the building in Source engine editor, making sure to set the +runspeed variables realistically, as to ensuring my timeline is accurate. So, here it is:

0 min- Walk threw the front doors of the building I work at, headphones on, cuz I`m the new janitor and they think I`m weird anyway. Just pushing my janitor cart around lol..

2m31s- Am on the roof now, everyone thinks I`m in the basement fixing a leak, which will lower suspicion by a significant amount.

3m21s- Nestled into a good shotting position over looking wall st. SlipKnot is blasting my Sennheisers — about to unload once the breakdown kicks in.

3m55s- OK its the breakdown, Fuck coreys voice is amazeing. I`m unloadin on every suit & tie weareing robot peace of shit that ruined this countrys economy with their schemes. Hopefully plinked at least 20 jews. Im loseing track of time, changeing mags I say to myself, not realizing Ive been going at it for 4-5 minutes, OK the cops are showing up.

8m57s- Brakeing down weapons system & returning to the basement.

10m11s- Comeing up from the basement now… acting shocked and terrified at what happened. Say stuff like >”Id kill that motherfucker if I find him,” to lower if not completely remove suspicion once again.

8h24m22s- Back at home now,going to watch the news & post, lol.