Seven Hamurai Roll $8.99

Sea weeds wrapped around five chicken nuggetz inside a Soy Sauce Toaster Struedle marinated in honey mayo, mayo, spice mayo, mayo mayo and hairs from a brave dog that got shot by the pig police for trying to bite president obama to stop letting gay people get in the army.

Lumberjack Snack $113.95

Guy Fieri’s signature snack dish! Doritos, whip cream, caramel, and root beer injected into a Hot Pocket drained and stuffed with the signature ingredients. This slow cooked, oven roasted delight comes with a TAPOUT T-shirt, with Quenten Rampayge Jacksen’s autograph on the back.

Let The Sushis Hit Your Mouth $13.45

One: nothing wrong with rice. Two: nothing wrong with hot dogs. Three: nothing wrong with spaghetti noodles. Four: nothing wrong with Rock Star Energy Drink Glaze and then it gets fried and served inside a miniature custom Jesse James Hogster Chopper driven to your table by a real life Midget with a tattoo of a Fucking Eagle on his fucked up midget neck