(Lives on own for a year, fails miserably at it) uhh hey mom hey dad its me your son, you might be wondering why i have a trash bag of cloths and my computer staged in the drive way lol but truth is, i quit my job at sears so i could move back in since i missed you guys so much haha. I know my room is being used for storage but my brothers are away at college so dont worry i can crash in their rooms for the foreseeable future until i get back on my feet. Dont worry i wont run the ethernet cable across the house unless my pings really bad, i got this sick 802.11n card so we should be golden….uHhhhh i promise i wont get high during the day, only a few times a week, at night, so the neighbors wont smell a thing :b whoa a new fridge!!! Haha im sure yall wont be able to eat all of it at once, scoutsd honor i will wash the pans out after i make fried egg sandwiches at 4 in the morning and i will at least pretend to kep the volume down when im gaming and i will N O T masturbate when someones home and if your lucky i might just vaccuum. Heard the neihborhoods had a few robberys so its a good thing im here.. hey dad can i have some money haha