WELL, thanks for asking. it was a pretty good shot, and a pretty interesting story. if i dont say so myself. so, it was a 205 foot par 3 with a bunch of trees. with a full approach, i can throw about 300ft forearm (whjich is pretty much just throwing sidearm, if you’re not familiar with the “lingo”), which is not as far as i could throw backhand, but i like throwing forearm better because you look kewler when you do it. but anyways, since the “hole” (Which we just discussed is not really a hole, but a basket – something to keep in mind) was only 205 feet away, a full approach would have just been too much, too much. so, i only took a single step instead of an x-step, so i wouldnt have as much power on my follow-through. now, the hole is real tricky, because there’s some trees there. my original plan was just to throw a bit more to the left, with enough spin so that it would, come back around to the right. but then i thought, “hey, well, maybe if i throw it a bit higher, it will have time to snake back to the left again after that, so that it doesnt go to far to the right?” and so i threw it a bit higher. and so the disc snaked through the air, first to the left, and then gliding to the right around one tree, and then to the left again around another tree, until finally – CLUIBK!! IT WENT IN THE HOLE!

and thats just how it happened.