“I cant do this to you, Mona” said the seriously handsome guy with just the right amount of stubble. “You are a normal human girl, and I’m a sexy alien or possibly ghost. Our love is forbidden – I am just too weird.” He got up from the bed, to go to the mesa and stare at the colors of the sunset – the colors of emotion, the emotions of a strange town lost in time and space; not all of them were good emotions, some of them were bad, and some of them were racist, but there was a place for them in ths sky, the sky over this unique town that shared a soul with the dust and sky, that it was on top of and underneath, respectively. The sexy half-mexican hands, hands of loving touches, hands that loved to run through chest hair, of the girl on the bed stopped him. “We are all weird – on the inside” she shispered in his ear, thinking about sex and being sexy, and how people were sexy in the past that is the present, for her. Mona spread her labia to reveal a howling cacophony of ex-husbands.