I remember seeing it in theaters as a kid and it was great to see it on the big screen. The 3D effects were generally very well-done.

However, what I did not like was the incredibly gratuitous and out-of-place Doritos™ product placement. I understand that Doritos sponsored the film and expected some advertising out of the deal but in my opinion it really went too far. For example, every instance of food in the film has been replaced with Doritos.

  • The park chef prepares for the group a meal of “Chilean Sea Bass flavored Doritos.”
  • Hammond sits in the dining hall and eats piles of Doritos because “they were melting.”
  • The rippling glass of water has been replaced with a rattling bowl of Doritos.
  • Dr. Grant is no longer a paleontologist. He is now something called a “flavorologist,” and Hammond lures him to the island with the promise of an exciting new snack chip that’s “totally rad.”
  • In perhaps the most egregious example, Dr. Malcolm’s iconic line, “Life finds a way,” has been replaced with “Frito-Lay has found a way… to pack even more nacho cheese flavor into every chip.”

Perhaps I am just getting older, but I feel like these changes really went against the original spirit of the film.