One oclock. Its time after my class, the sun is shining, and I am about to take a crap in my pants.

Ding a ling dong! The bell strikes the time. I have eaten some mother shitting ass blaster burritos this morning — who cares, im a bachelor (bachelor life lol) — and I SCREAM out of my class with the force of a thousand epic raptors. This is going to be a real bit of cuntery.

I pound into the bathroom, but its too late. The creamy goodness, foulness, sprays out of my butt pipe all into my wranglers. Thats it. I shit in my pants. I shit inside of the pants I was wearing. Theres shit all over my legs and my bottom. I shit. I shit all inside of my pants and on my body. Theres shit all on my body, and its not in the toilet. I shit on myself.

Any other goons with similar experiecnes? It was fucking insane.