(Script, 403 words)

PANEL 1. A Chinese boy youth and girl youth wriggle into the sloppy uterine folds of a tiny chamber connected to a confusing web of medical tubes and pincer things holding it in place. In the background there is a Chinese boy adult holding a fairly impressive clipboard. The Chinese girl youth’s sand deposit butt is still sticking out kind of the flaps of the chamber’s entrance (the Chinese boy youth went in first, little mother fucker!) which is somewhat sexy but also a little revolting.

PANEL 2. Big bursts that are also giant and downright fucking electric of electricity electrifies the sticky gross inner folds, through some kind of injection of powerful energy which is maybe the derivative of fireworks but inconceivably scary. This is going through the aforementioned medical tubes at the speed of sound. Chinese boy adult behind the glass drops his clipboard, and his mouth is now wide-ass Asian open and kind of rounded, plus his eyes are bulging out of his glasses.

PANEL 3. The whole electric grid of Guangdong Province flickers on and off. Some gambling Chinese boy adult drunks are flipping out from not being able to see their gambling chips in front of them, in accordance with the well-known scientific principles of light and vision.

PANEL 4. Out the back hole of the chamber which is basically what a bee has for a butt, except there is no stinger but something more like that elevated egg sac chute on the mother Alien from the second alien movie, a completely slimed-out green stack of shit oozes out making the Chinese boy adult dry heave and also laugh Asianly.

PANEL 5. American boy business suit wearer stomps into the room, checking his watch, and swipes away a ton of the goop from the stack with his gargantuan hands-shaking hands and then hands a pile of the goop to a hole in the ground where it is vacuumed or otherwise disappeared through a sucking SFFFFFTT sound you can almost see.

PANEL 6. American boy business suit holds up a brand fucking new thinner, lighter, Apple A6-powered iPhone 5 which supports a 16:9 aspect ratio and has a 4-inch slick fucking screen, a 1.2 megapixel dope-ass camera, 1 GB of memory, the controversial but stunning Lightning Connecter and boasts tons of positive critical reception on Amazon.com and other websites for being probably the sickest, curvedest machine made by Man