i thot this would save me money and help me loose weight. it has helped me loose weight, but i have to judge by the loosness of my pants whihch used to be too tight, since my scale is completely out of whack [i weigh anythinf from 165-189 lbs . ok?] this hasn’t ssaved me any money tho because i’m a hunchbacked, beetlebrowed, knocked kneed wierdo with pellagra, hallitois, a club foot, cleft palate, deviated septum, walleyed, permanent allergic conjunctivitis that causes a steady white stream to flow from my lacrimal glands and nose, covered in cattarhs, and i ‘ve spent all the money i would have saved on little anime dolls you can undress, then skulking around the house finding nooks and crannies granny can’t find them in haha