I deleted my Facebook, said goodbye to my cat, and dropped 6 hits of Acid. Took my father’s corvette for a nice joyride on I40 from Albuquerque, NM all the way to Cali. Started to trip hard as balls in AZ. Just fucking flying, only stopped for food and piss breaks. The mountains were just sparkleing, I was just like, it finally hit me, that Life is just this wild ride and you can really do whatever you want. Ran out of gas outside of Needles tho cuz I thought the maxed out speedometer was the gas level, rofl. Called my parents crying and apologizing still triping a little bit and they drove out to get me . Came home and there was a brand new limited edition GeForce Titan with DualMaXX+ 120mm fans and a sick 8 core i7, was so stoked I didnt even notice the Asus mobo. Had the most insane flashback and just ran FarCry 3 sliders all the way right, ultra across the board, and just thought, dthis is better than life.,