m4w, i saw u at the starbucks, u had ur phone out and i had a convex back, i was the guy wearing the kind of pants that guys wear when theyre on really tall stilts, you sort of tripped on them and spilled your coffee, but was that all it was? pls email me

m4w we were married for seven years and i forgot your number and none of your relatives will answer my calls because i ended our marriage thru paperwork espionage + stealth moves i learned off tom clancy video games, but it turns out u still have all my priceless 1990s old school mtv show dvds w/o the orig music edited out. will xpost this to all other counties of north carolina because i forgot where you moved

You were holding a duck wing and I was standing near a small patch of tall grass that was white on bottom and yellow green on the top . you were so happy. i didn’t say anything because i’m shy. you were a dog

m4w, you were on the bus reading people magazine, i spit on my finger and i put it into your ear, and you slapped my hand and yelled. i was the one who was saying “yo dog, its on dog” and then after i kicked your purse i was the one who said “i aint even playin”. was there something more to this? send a text to your phone, i have it.

you called me the wrong name nick but then i realized you were talking to some guy behind me..How about giving the real nick a try? im banned from aol for getting emotional in chatrooms so i wont get your email please contact my big brother at jetski007 on yahoo instant messenger and dont listen to the stuff he says about me

i saw you at the gas station. i was wearing a pullover. you were a man. I was a mere abstraction of dna shooting through you and the air at millions of miles per hour, i tried to get your attention by making the light brighter for 1 thousandth of a second but you didnt seem to notice

we were angrily maneuvering our ways thru an occupy wall street demonstration and we both silently agreed that if john cena got wind of this there would be a wealth of piledrivers delivered all around––you through oscillation of your smile, me through the t shirt that i wear that says “if john cena got wind of occupy wall street there would be a wealth of piledrivers delivered all around”