reminder that mark “eeyore” pomerantz goes into the blackest clubs around and plays this song then casually saunters to the bar and orders a huge mudslide, opens his sweaty grey silk shirt and pours it down his chest then struts onto the dance floor snapping his fingers then as nikki costa starts singing hes doing some cool moves (somersaults, back handsprings, toe touches into the charleston) all the while inching ever closer to the fattest black man in the building so he can nervously scream EVERYBODYS GOT THEIR SOMETHING with the chorus and menacingly look around at anybody thats staring while he bumps+grinds with blaqdaddy until the bouncers pull him away and everyone laughs at his ridiculous baby boner jabbing at marks black+white nike windpants while he continues looking at them with the same scorned rebellious glare as the tears of thwarted ambition, bigotry and cheap twurkin fall down his teddy graham face, picking up pieces of black sweatand oreo creme around his mouth (sometimes he licks the tears for salty+sweet snack)

then afterwards he walks really dejectedly and sweaty and hes makin punching motions and going “uuahh.. ooh. ouf. oahh dont like me now do ya” with each punch as hes walking to the nearby diner where theyre already expecting him at 12:30 (mark gets real excitted + kicked out a lot around this time) and he comes in and sits down adn they say “hey mark” and hes like “hey ladies another rough night at the club got kicked out for fighting ahahha guess they cant handle rowdy ol mark” as he looks down and wiggles one foot like a kid caught takin cookies and theyre like “well we know what will cheer you up…. A NICE BIG PIECE OF STRAWBERRY PIE!!!!!!!!!!!” and he beams with a giant closed mouth smile and says “you guys are like…. my other moms!!!! you guysrule!!!!!!!!” and eats the piece all up smiling all the while going “mmm Mmm mM sogood” as the waitresses talk about what a nice young man Mark Pomerantz Sr. Attorney at Law has raised, then he rubs his belly and says TICKET PLEASE and they all laugh and mark gives her a really good tip because its his dads card and they say wowTHANK YOU MARK!!! and he just replies “young money.” and runs as fast as he can to his apartment so he doesnt miss ecw saturday night shotgun