Crate and Barrel Portland
Customer Comment Card

My customer experience today was VERy poor!!! My husband and I were approached by a sweaty disheveled man claiming to be a sales associate. He guided us into the chair section even though we told him we were looking for a table cloth. He kept apologizing that the oxblood leather chairs were discontinued though we made no mention of any such chair. Whenever we expressed interest in a chair he would suggest that we “make a deal” and then continually raise the price until it was no longer affordable to us. When my husband tried to sit in a chair the salesman pushed him out of the way and sat in it first; when I tried out a chair he waited for me to sit down then sat on my lap. This was uncomfortable as he was a LARGE and hairy man, and at times appeared sexually aroused. He seemed to care less about selling us a chair than about telling us stories of the two chairs he has at home. Overall I would give my Crate and Barrel experience a 7/10

– A concerned mom