Hi e/n, well I’ll get right to it, I’ve never lived with an s/o before and there are three main areas with which I need advice

1. the toilet seat – we’ve all seen the sitcom jokes but I think it could be an actual problem

2. How can we best keep our autonomy in such close quarters without shutting each other out completely?

3. My two cats (Terezi and Jake the Dog) take dry food three times a day and wet food twice a day (day divided into thirds and halves respectively) while his cat (Expensive HDMI cable) takes a dry food/wet food mix Mon-Fri and wet four times In weekends. When Expensive HDMI cable hears a loud noise, she immediately runs to an adjacent room that contains no cat and urinates. <see Appendix 1: rules for urination> If a room contains two cats, each cat will become agitated, unless an adjacent room contains a third cat. Each cat MUST change rooms upon agitation unless it has recently eaten wet food