“Oooh the vegetables are so good” – Anthony Bourdain

“Wow. Wow, this is VERY good” – Anthony Bourdain

“Mmm, wow. This is fantastic. Wow this is good” – Anthony Bourdain

“One thing I’ve noticed about this country is that there is food, everywhere” – Food Critic Anthony Bourdain

“This mornign like every morning I can barely contain my patronizing chortles as I read the narrative I’m given about the local country’s culture and customs. Needless to say I am looking forward to, that’s right: Breakfast. Which for some reason, is good before I try it. Beautiful fascinating truly amazing culture MKULTRA COINTELPRO Cambodia bombs ant egg omelette Alexander Cockburn egg foo young incredible NEED MORE OIL TO CONTINUE DARPA MISSION” – Anty Bourdain

“You know one thing I have noticed is that this country has changed so much but the food is still good. Timeless.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Going down bourbon street I feel a sense of kindred cohabitation, my surname being so similar to such an iconic street with good food and people pissing all over themselves in many if not all alleyways. One thing that surprised me were all the malaria carriers still around (or, if I must, ‘Blacks’, as my syndicator has told me we must use hopelessly Reagan-era PC jargon to slip the truth through). Truly this is a land of contrasts. I did not eat any malaria food but judging by the 50yd distanced look, it is probably very, Very good”

“Iraq has excellent food I am saying this under no duress” – Anthony Bourdain in his Iraq episode inexplicably filmed on VHS entirely in front of an Iraqi flag

“Canada is a land of contrasts. On the western side we have the Yukon, which is filled with snow, rock, caribou and people. On the eastern side we have Quebec, known for its good food, snow, rock, people, and probably animals. So which side do we pick? ‘Oh.’ British Columbia has marijuana and it is essentially legal. ‘Wow so we can eat this?’ We ate this delicacy and it was nutty, crisp, everything I would say marijuana should be if I had eaten it before. People were having a great time too, laughing and cheering as I ordered more and more of these nugget buds of fun. ‘Mm, very good.’ All in all our bill came out to a number I’d rather not reveal over the air… but what I can reveal… is that the food… is mild, happy, calm and an excellent reflection on Canadian culture where this feisty plant first took root sometime around Jesus. ‘Man this is good’ I like to ride my bike.” – Anthony Bourdain

“An old forums adage has traditionally classified GBS as ‘The Shittiest Forum’. On my first visit, the adage proved to be true, both literally and figuratively. People wearing asses as hats. “Pantsshitting”, where remedial American hikikomori collectively fecally gestate, enforcing enhanced interrogation techniques to their creamed corn colons, collecting the Credence Brownwater and Reviving it in sealed kimchi jars to present later to the deity, exclusively known to the Gibbisians as ‘Slenderman’, is the regional past-time and people take it seriously. Very seriously. Seriously seriously, mention something negative about Slenderman to a Gibbis native and you’ll find out how good the food is the food is very very good.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Ahhh, Vietnam. The sights. The smells. People walking. People standing. People talking in some foreign tongue that can only be a language that is certifiably NOT English. We killed 18% of their population in the 60’s and 70’s, and the pho – oh, the pho. Truly a land of contrasts. My CIA operative friend is going to show us some mass graves as we dine on pork bung and each other’s penises. I do drugs. I am old but I do them sometimes” – Anthony Bourdain

Im Anthony Bourdain. “Thats right” I eat. I fart. I play hard. Im in it to win the toughest secrets. and I want to know more. “TYYhauUHGUGh” NOoooooo Reservations