Completely normal cool dude here. Just a regular normal cool guy who lives in a lower echolon neighborhood of Forbes’s “Top 50 Upcoming Urban Neighborhoods of the New Urbanism” in the USA here. Good mix of gay men and Asians from the various local software companies, biotech industries, hospitals, banks, and so forth up in this bitch. Usually I go see them doing totes regular things like walking, kickin’ back watching the game, but sometimes pretty wild stuff like scoping out the latest Muse gig down at the local venue. Oftentimes I’m doing extremely normal shit like being the head coach of my daughter’s junior volley ball team at the local high school. We take shit seriously, which is good, but sometimes I give them a playful slap on the ass, and other such absurdly regular, in a social–and not bowel–sense. Other incredibly average shit I do is purchase every iteration of the Apple brand Iphone. I’m what you might call a “One trhough Fiver,” which is how we (my co-workers and our various significant others) refer to each other at the local gastropub, where we enjoy the best organic steak fries cooked in local duck fat you’ve ever had, along with a delicious Stone – India Pale Ale or two.