So yeah, I just totally got revenge on the bitch who took a shit on my heart. Maybe I took it too far, but right now Im so pumped up on vengeance that Im going to pop haha. I loved her, and she fucking ripped by heart out. I knew she was fucking some other guy, when I went threw her phone and found some sexts with a ‘Dylan,’ my most hated guy name. Figures… but I pretended like it didn’t hurt me, I didn’t even tell her that I found out about it… I just played it cool until the perfect moment, when it was about 10pm & we were just watching movies. She told me she was parched, so I asked if she wanted some tea…. well guess what bitch, that was shroom tea, and youre going to flip the fuuuck out haha. I waited until about 30 min after she drank it, then locked her in my office. No bitch Im not letting you out, not after what you did. Remember when we were getting to know each other? You said how you absolutely hated hearing your own voice? Well guess what, I recorded all the awkward shit you said, and Now you are locked in my office and having a nightmare trip, and Im playing all the voice samples I have of you on loop. Ha ah ha you don’t know where the sound is coming from, do you? Its my sound system that I have run throughout my house, hooked up to my PC. Im playing your own voice back to you and its not going to stop, lol, you are going to go insane from this. You like those TVs yes. Keep looking at them, because all you will see is the puppet clown from the SAW movies. Now Im playing Faaip de Oiad on full blast. Scary isnt it? How does it feel to be a lying, cheating cunt. Go ahead and call the cops to rescue you, because I just put a planted a pound of coke in your purse. So, dont talk about this if you know whats good for you. This may or not be the last time I will subject you to such torment. Better keep those panties on.