the dog flotilla drifts aimlessly down the river waves gently lappin at its side, the water a calm blue echoed by the sky above, 10 million dogs

10 hundred thousand dogs per flotilla, a massive mobile caninous wave, ears standing high, ears flopping low, doolaps dribbling with spittle, wagging, barking, jumping, or still, eyes ahead, down the waterway.

the dogs are all gone now, you can see where they were, for they were everywhere, 900 thousand billion dogs covered the earth, blocked the sun and the moon for nearly one day, like locust they ate, they ate everything. as if summoned they drifted into the worlds oceans, simultaneously slowly and quickly

3 years have passed since the incident, and there is increasing panic as the world has grown to accept the evidence that has appeared which is leading the global public to believe that a second flotilla could be coming.

the sea level has risen one quarter of an inch in the past two months, given the size of an “average dog” (liemens, 29) it has been calculated that 27 million canines could currently be beneath the waves and plankton and deep blue of the worlds oceans and seas. 10 mile long clumps of dog hair have been spotted by high resolution geo-mapping satelites.

a gross rumble was felt permeating the very fabric and mantle of the earth, at any specific point on the globe it could be felt, sodexho employees on both poles had their food trays knocked to the ground as the first waves poured from the ends of the earth inward towards the equator

A black, brown, white, grey, and reddish wave swept across the entire earth, dogs, trillions upon trillions of them. seemingly coming from every direction, as if you were at the very epicenter of a great dog universe, the reversing big bang that draws all dogs to you. They came closer and closer, at once moving at great speed and slower than detectable by the human eye.

The 12 Hours War, as its name might suggest, lasted a mere half a day, the launch codes from both Russian and The United States Were entered, but enough dogs had lodged themselves into the silos to prevent their launch. The army, navy, coast guard, air force, and national guard had all fought, and valiantly the history books might say, if anyone survives to write them, but the nigh endless stream of dogs was more than a match for the combined forces of humanity. For every poodle and pug taken down, dozens more rose to take their place, as if appearing from the aether.

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one hundred thousand million billion trillion dogs of all shapes sizes colors breeds genders weights heights temperments spread across the globe in a thick viscous membrane

The universe is in heat death, in a last ditch attempt to save themselves, the whole of humanity has banded together in an effort to jettison the entirety of the worlds dog population, an estimated 300 billion trillion canines, into the dying sun, providing it a modicum of expendable energy with which to prolong the eventual collapse of life sustaining sunlight. There was but a single problem with their plan, despite the global coalitions decades of work, the dogs had been prepared. On the day before the launch, every last man woman and child on EArth was simultaneously rocketed into the stratosphere, out of earth orbit and into the growing Red Giant. Had there been a single human left to do so, they would have endlessly wondered how the dogs had done it.

Fire rained from the sky, ash and smoldering debris formed a viscous coat of disgusting filth across the entire earth, here and there thousands of corpses could be seen, suffocated or immolated by the holocaust that had wiped out 99.99% of the worlds population. Humanity was not the only one to suffer of course, all manner of animals, plants, insects, invertebrates, and what have you were similarly exterminated. Decades later, when humanity had begun to rebuild its once global empire, many debated possibly solutions to the mystery that had plauged them since the first survivor had stood up from the rubble. Why had there been no dog corpses found?

A Harvard scholar announced today a major breakthrough in the deciphering of the rune based written language of the pre-historical Nordic peoples. Long though to be called Ragnarok, this Viking story of the apocalypse has been incorectly translated for decades. The first rune, RA, was confused with a very similarly written rune, DO.

A man on a pier looked left and right, thousands of miles in either direction the sea stretched. On the horizon a single point of light could be seen, the setting sun reflecting off of… something. Minutes passed and the object got closer, through a pair of extremely high powered binoculars, the man on the pier could almost make it out. The light was perilously low, however, and he feared it would be extinquished before the object was close enough to be properly inspected from this distance. Just before the sun dipped below the edge of the world, the man realized what he was looking at, it was a dog, on a small raft. The dog sat at attention, like any properly trained pooch would, it faced directly toward the man, a single point in a vast ocean. The sun was almost gone now, another few seconds and it would be night. Just as the last flicker sunk into the waves, the man noticed something. His entire field of vision was now dotted with silhouettes. “My God” the man whispered, “There must be thousands”, dogs, more than thousands, much much more, were cresting the horizon, a night landing was about to take place.