Reported the op for leaving out the apostrophe in “Dj Tiesto’s” and making me think, briefly, that there are multiple dj tiestos kicking ass all over the world & melting people into good trance from the sweet car drift videogame aural journeys

tiesto says tiesto ftw instead of greetings or goodbyes. he says “tiesto ftw. has the latest batch of fanclub letters come in yet” and his assistant says “yes mr dj tiesto, they are on your desk in your office” and dj tiesto says “thank you alison, you’re a doll. tiesto ftw”

Tiesto: Here im turning the knobs..hear that? Now im turning another one. hold on i have a new email, it says im the king of good pumping tokyo base jumper music

Interviewer: How do you use the computer for this very good shit?

Tiesto: I have a virus, it causes my computer to create the best music ever made. [laughs] Tiesto ftw

intercom: Paging dr tiesto, Dr tiesto to the ER, youre cooler than moby and also not gay, paging dr tiesto
Tiesto: Tiesto ftw. Where is the patient?
Nurse: dr teisto, you have to help, this man has turned retarded from listening to regular bullshit old music all the time, and pianos that are regular instead of neon space sunset style.
Tiesto: My god. Quick, go into my office, get the intense Autogiro demo vid i was scoring, and bring the reporters notebook that says “ideas for good sports car test driving soundtracks”
nurse: Tiesto ftw. [exit]
Tiesto: May Tiesto help us all.