unbox your iphone 5 like your a normal dude, hey just posting a utub of myslef taking this sweet 599 dollar phone out of its box. yeah, whatever, i’m in the silicon valley of austin. ausstin is pretty ftw. basically all the extremely cool shit of a normal silicon valley sans the mexicans from east palo alto because this is the burbs of austiin baby. keep austin weird. love sxsw, shit like that, programming from home coding sw8 twoer defense java apps w/ pay to win units etc. basically, we’re revolutionizing the market saving capitalisma nd promoting green energy w/ our games. but the onec you get the iphone 5 msrp 6969 dollars out of the box you scream PLEASURE KEVIN maybe w/ the leroy jenkins shout intonation, and people watching the utub will be like, wtf.