vice: were here in columbia and theyre growing big amounts of weed in this vast field behind us to sell for money. the smell is extremely potent. first off we are going to see see if we can get a sample to analyse back at the hotel to see if its as good as the weed from the episode we shot in south africa. miguel luis herrera lopez is our guide to this extremely lucrative business. he helps harvest the weed but insists he has never smoked it before

colombian: no smoke

vice: its so dank here. surely you get to smoke this very good weed for free every day

colombian: the soldiers say if we dip into the product that we are to have both our ears taken off

vice: admit it.. you sometimes secretly take a small part off of one of the weed plants and you smoke it. Haha you must do that due to the fact that this weed is so potent

colombian: is no possible. they know my sons jorge and rafael. they will cover them in tar and burn them

vice: but this pot is so high grade and dank. theres no chance of a sample?

colombian: is all to go to usa through mexico and to uk by europe through france tunnel

vice: haha fuuuuuck… shit haha. just kidding ahah. well viewers watch us next time as we attempt to get weed for free in mozambique