its way more ridiculous than that oft. lets say theres a quest. but the warrior cant get the quest cause his dialogue options are “hurr” and “durururrr”. wizard casts ‘limp-dílz’s charisma dust’ on himself and gets the quest, has the quest giver join the party and give the wizard a blowjob. the quest is to kill a bad guy in a castle. the warrior looks at the castle impotently and walks away since theres no entrance. the wizard casts ‘viagra for eyes’ and finds secret passways that wouldve eluded a high level thief. the entrance is locked though and the warrior starts crying. wiz casts ‘a ghost opens the door for you’ and goes in. inside the bad guy is invisible, immortal, made of fire, immunity to enchanted weapons +9, regenerater more than his health per turn and takes fifty turns where a player character does one. the warrior is raped to death before he even looks at the bad guy. wizard casts time stop, chain spell, remove invisibility, remove immortality, put out fire, remove immunity to weapons, anti-regenerate, death spike, balls of steel, immunity to not-winning, puts down seven hundred acid traps on the floor aorund the bad guy, comes out of time stop and the bad guy dies before blinking. the wizard gets the xp, learns Summon A Literal Meteor amd goes home to fuck his beutiful wife and make another episode of steam shots.