WAT a nite grizzly bear maybe best live show ever, tues night at the oakland FOX theater… hot chick in stagefront tier danced into me and rubbed against what she thought ws my leftbal/ penis / right ball setup, but was rly my 3ds (pokemon 2, black version) and was way into it. apparently she had a 3DS in her bag as well, because as soon as grizzly bear was finished playing the epic finale, The Sun is in your Eyes, i opened my 3DS to find a slight stat boost in my pokemon. i asked the girl if she wanted to ride bart together, and sure enough on her 3DS her pokemon were exhibiting a similar boost in performance – our stats had been enhanced, perhaps charged, by Shields over the nintendo 3ds streetpass wifi feature.

i reminded her of the phrase “silver and silent” from Shieldses stunning closer after we noticed that the weather ingame had changed to a gorgeous snowstorm in october, something weird was defnitely going on w/ our handhelds.. i asked her Chelmsy do you believe in fate? and she said no and a retarded adult got on at the raiders stadium and said a bunch of stuff about the A’s that all the str8 people on bart already knew but they patronized him and acted like it was interesting.