In the technological dystopia of New Delta, the Avian Syndicate, a criminal empire made up entirely of large purple birds, wants the one thing they can’t steal. To get it, they recruit an abused goblin shaman, cast out from her people; with her help, they devise a daring plan that no one sees coming.

Standing in their way is Alfonso Deegan, a grizzled but happily married private detective, and his three associates: Quintanelle Fillion, a young elven mage far from home trying to overcome her racist upbringing; Mordridakon, a red dragon with few social skills and an endless appetite; And Trogg the Genius, the world’s smartest ogre.

Together the detectives must work quickly to defuse the situation before the Syndicate destroys New Delta, or long standing prejudices do it for them.

A Clear and Feathered Danger is the first book in the K23 Detectives fantasy thriller series.