I’ve run into a little issue with my current girlfriend, but I guess I should start from the beginning. In high school I was always a bit nerdy – low self confidence, sneaking out of lunch to play D&D, etc. The one thing I did like to do was act, though. My one knack in acting was my ability to pick up various accents – it came very naturally to me, and soon I was receiving compliments from actual foreign students.

The one thing about high school was that I never even got so much as a girlfriend. During the summer break between senior year and college I began to do some thinking as to how to improve myself for “the best years of my life,” and for whatever reason at the time I decided to adopt a completely new personality. I was no longer a nerd, but a relatively normal Australian guy named John. This sounds a bit weird, but I really got into this, started taking up new hobbies (lifting weights, watching sports) and my life effectively turned around.

And then I met my current girlfriend, Katie. She’s really quite perfect in every way for me, we make each other laugh, enjoy each others’ company and warmth. We’ve been going out for a couple of months now, and lately she’s been bugging me to meet my family. The only issue is, my family is an average family from New Jersey. I can’t exactly bring her back to my parents’ house and sit down and have a meal with her as if everything is normal. I’m really at a loss as to what to do now, so I’m turning to the Internet for help.