Sometimes I sit on the shower floor and pretend I’m a girl that’s been raped (I’m a guy IRL).

I sit and hold my head in my hands and rock back and forth sobbing quietly, then I quickly splash the water over my face and wipe the imaginary mascara off my eyes. At this point I’m usually fairly distraught.

Next, I open my mouth and wash the imaginary semen out. I make sure I gag and splutter, sometimes I even put my fingers in my mouth to make sure it’s all gone. The final stage is the most emotionally draining part of the entire procedure.

I stand up, put my ass under the shower flow, then lean forward and begin to wash the rapists cum out of my asshole and “vagina” (I just pretend). I do this for quite a while, making sure it’s all gone.

Then I collapse on the floor again and just break down hysterically. No girl should ever go what I just went through, all men are animals.