i definitely want to be approached by someone in a public space in los angeles or san francisco. this probably won’t be a tedious interaction with a nutjob crying sadbrain marxist, guy from calpirg telling me to buy organic and save the planet, free sample of the ramayana or whatever only it’s just a sample it really costs 30 dollars, wants my pocket change to get beack to berkeley because he or she can’t walk the mile from the asby bart back to downtown berkeley. this person probalby doesn’t smell like a garbage pail. this person probably isn’t going to stab me, rifle through my pockets, and take my crumpled up tea bag from trader joe’s brand tea and a couple quarters. this person isn’t probably going to interupt my few blessed seconds on silence away from the constant onslaught of abject, depressing stupidity which is constantly beamed at and solely directed at me by a malicious, malevolent god and his obese, perverse, and sadistic minions (other people). this complete stranger approaching me in a public space in the cities of los angeles or san francisco will probably lead to a life long friendship.