In no uncertain terms, he was rude, disrespectful, and altogether damaging to the scientific environment we were trying to foster.

Nye was preceded by a 25 page rider of ridiculous demands – no laptops with HDMI ports. Basket of fruit including tomatoes, “because not enough people know tomatoes are a fruit.” Two boxes of cornstarch emptied out on a mirror in the dressing room. A jar full of smoke or fog that is labeled as “Ghost – or Science?”.

He ends up getting her two hours late, clearly disoriented, and immediately began hitting on my assistant. When I gently asked him to refrain, he began clapping his hands and singing “No Lay The Science Gay.”

Finally he gets on stage three hours late, and proceeds to talk about some piece of fiction he read. He talked about entirely fake things that you can’t even write proofs for. The. Entire. Time.

TLDR he’s just a supreme dickweed.

e: Jesus. Reddit Lead? I didn’t even know they made Reddit Lead. Well fuck you whoever bought that for me.