I broke up with (was dumped by) my last long term girlfriend the first week of December. We live together (present tense). A week or two before we broke up I promised her I wouldn’t leave her high and dry. She’s unemployed and broke, I make fairly decent money. Anyway, I’ve been supporting the two of us for the last five or six months, and now for over a month since we broke up. I’ve been sleeping on the couch in an apartment I pay for and tossing and turning over the lost relationship. She moved on pretty fast. I think she was dating a new guy the week after we split. They’re pretty serious now, I think. I don’t ask too many questions. But what drives me fucking mad is coming home after a ten/eleven hour day and finding that she’s cooked up a breakfast and a lunch, with two sets of dishes for each meal, using the groceries I’ve bought. And she leaves them in the sink for me to clean. When we were together the dishes were always my chore. That’s extended to the breakup cohabitation. But holy shit, if she’s cooking for her new man, that’s not cool to leave the dishes for me to clean up like I’m some sort of servant.