My normal caffeination regimen:

6:30am 16oz can Monster Lo-Carb (blue can)
7:30am 44oz Fountain Diet Mt. Dew (Speedy Rewards, yeah!)
9:30am 44oz Fountain Diet Pepsi (All work carries)
12:00pm 44oz Fountain Diet Pepse (See previous)
2:00pm 20oz Diet Mt. Dew (vending machine, cafeteria closes @ 1)
3:45pm 44oz Fountain Diet Mt. Dew (Speedy Rewards for the road, yeah!)
6:00pm 16oz can Monster Lo-Carb w/dinner
6:30pm – bedtime – various glasses of caffeinated drinks as thirst arises.

Additional sources:
On Tuesday nights (class nights), I also have a quad grande cappuccino at Beaners around 4pm, plus a 32oz Diet Coke from Chipotle with dinner around 7.