Probably when I walked my friend into a completely empty apartment meant to be his surprise party. This was in the days before Facebook so I asked everybody personally, about ten all told since we had a small group of friends. Most said yes, so I set to work and made a really awesome party dinosaur cake with a little hat and a party blower. It was great I was so proud, my friend had been having a tough year so i thought something nice for his birthday with friends would be nice. Party time rolls around and I get a call from one of the guests saying 4 of them were going to be half an hour late. Ok no problem I pick up the birthday friend and make up an excuse to go to the store far from campus to pick some stuff up. That took about 45 mins, didn’t hear from anyone so I head back to my apartment, we open the door and turn on the light… SURPRISE it is completely empty… not even my roommates were there. So it was just him and me sitting in the decorated living room, eating dinosaur cake. I felt absolutely terrible and angry. We both lost so much respect for our friends who didn’t even show or apologize.