eek! So excited for the finale! Tyrion! Hurray! Fucking hate Pycelle. Tywin. And Joffrey. Yay Sansa! Petyr. Fuck him. So many hated people in this scene. LORAS! HELL FUCKING YEAH! I LOVE HIM! Hurray for freedom for Sansa. Doesn’t have to marry asshole Joff. Poor Margaery though. At least she will be a queen like she wants. Petyr. Fucking back off from Sansa. Fucking creep. Stop fucking creeping! More pointless Ros storyline. Meh. Also, I hate Varys. (Petyr had a weakness for redhaids.) Jaime and Brienne! I LOVE THEM. Shut up about Robb though. All of them need to shut the fuck about about Brienne being a woman. She could kick all their asses. Oh fuck. You guys shouldn’t fuck with Brienne. Stay Jaime. Like he’s a puppy. 🙂 Don’t fucking do it Robb. Oh fuck, the feels. Listen to your mother dammit. Don’t be an ass to her. Fuck, Stannis. And Melisandre. Double fuck. I want him to kill her. I hate her, more than anyone in the show. I hope to he doesn’t end up King. Theon. The bastard is coming. I’m fucking scared. I just can’t even with my feels for Theon. I can’t explain. I just can’t. Please stop. Please. >.< no no no no no. Creepy face there dude. Fuck you random dude. Fuck you. Obviously Cersei would try to kill Tyrion. She’s a fucking bitch. I love Pod though. Shae! ❤ Listen to Shae dammit. Why don’t the men in this show ever fucking listen to the women? The women are always fucking right. Listen god fucking dammit! Robb and Talisa are married. At least they love each other… Dany! It is known. KHALEESI! Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie! And Jaqen! So much fucking approval! ❤ I love that she made sure to mention Sansa. VALAR MORGHULIS! Fuck yeah bitches. OuO I just got the chills when he changed faces. Osha, Bran, Hodor, and Rickon. That’s fun. Oh shit. Everything is burned. 🙁 Dun like. Dun like dammit. Dany again. This is a weird scene. I don’t really have much to say about it. I’m kinda flipping the fuck out to be honest. Drogo and baby! oh my god! I can’t even with these feels. This definitely didn’t happen in the book. At least I don’t remember it. Dragons! Fucking Pyat Peet. Or however the fuck it is spelled. Set some shit on fire. Go dragons go. Jon! Ygritte! ❤ oh my old gods it’s about to happen. Don’t say shit about Jon’s mom. You understand, right Jon? That’s a lot of wildlings… Ducksauce! He is broke apparently. I hate that they had what’s her name betray Dany… Oh my god, Sam. I love Sam. And he is talking about Gilly! Shut up, he loves Gilly. 3 Horns! Others! Oh mother fuckers! They are so fucking creepy! I’m so fucking glad they made this the end! I CAN’T EVEN DEAL WITH THIS RIGHT NOW! SO MANY FUCKING FEELS!