Up until last week, I hadn’t eaten a fish sandwich from a fast food restaurant in approximately two months. More often than not, when I do order a fish sandwich from a fast food restaurant, it is a Filet- O- Fish (R) sandwich from McDonald’s(R). Last Friday however, I was at the Burger King (R) restaurant located close to my apartment, when I remembered that as part of a summer promotion, their fish sandwiches were “Buy one, get one free” on Fridays. I had never eaten a Burger King (R) BK Big Fish (R) sandwich before, in fact, I had never even seen one. But, because I love a bargain and was in the mood for something besides burgers, I decided to order the fish sandwich(es) “to- go”. As soon as the friendly counterperson handed me the bag containing the two fish sandwiches, I was surprised at how heavy the bag was. As I walked away from the counter, I peered into the bag and saw that the Burger King (R) fish sandwiches were quite large. In fact, they appeared to be huge. I looked- up the BK Big Fish (R) sandwich on the wall- mounted nutrition chart in the restaurant and read that this fish sandwich weighs over four ounces.

When I got home, I wasted no tme in opening one of the BK Big Fish (R) sandwiches. I was very impressed and amazed at what I saw. Compared to the McDonald’s (R) Filet- O- Fish (R), the Burger King (R) sandwich looked humongous. To me, the circumference of the BK Big Fish (R) easily appeared to be as large as a Burger King (R) Whopper (R). The sandwich contains a sizeable golden- brown, breaded fish filet nestled in a large flavorful bun. Accented by crisp, green lettuce and very tasty Tartar Sauce, this fish sandwich means business. Upon taking my first bite of the sandwich, I thought to myself “This sandwich is awesome”. The fish filet possesses a clean taste of the ocean that is mild, yet very authentic and pleasing. I was being as objective as possible, regarding my opinion of the sandwich. After all, I’m still a big fan of McDonald’s (R) Filet- O- Fish (R). Something that I noticed immediately was that there was no cheese on the Burger King (R) fish sandwich. Although the sandwich tasted great, I think that the addition of some cheese would put it over- the- top. The BK Big Fish (R) sandwich is so big, that I only ate 3/4 of one sandwich and refrigerated the remainder, to be microwaved later, along with the other sandwich..

Two days ago, I was in downtown Hartford, Connecticut and passed a McDonald’s (R) restaurant. I was fairly hungry, so I went in, remembering the Burger King (R) fish sandwiches that I had consumed a few days earlier. I ordered a Filet- O- Fish and ate it at the restaurant. As I sat and ate, I examined the sandwich closely, mentally comparing the two varieties of fish sandwiches. No question, that the BK Big Fish (R) was bigger, but the Filet- O- Fish is no slouch of a sandwich, either. The question was; Which sandwich was more satisfying ? Strictly from a quantity point of view, the BK Big Fish (R) is more filling. From a flavor, or taste perspective, it’s close to a draw, or tie. Each of these fish sandwiches possesses its own attributes. The Burger King (R) sandwich, to me, has more of a “seafood”, or real fish taste. The McDonald’s (R) Filet- O- Fish maintains more of a “fast food” taste, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. With its delicious yellowish- orange cheese and top- rate Tartar Sauce, the Filet- O- Fish (R) is a classic American product that I absolutely love. To be quite honest about it, I’m very glad that I tried the Burger King (R) BK Big Fish (R) sandwich. In the future, I would like to continue eating both types of fish sandwiches. These sandwiches are similarly- priced and are regular menu items. Nutritionally, the McDonald’s (R) Filet- O- Fish contains 380 calories, with 18 grams of total fat. The Burger King (R) BK Big Fish (R) contains 640 calories, with 32 grams of total fat.