For years, my brother has been lording the fact that he makes more money than I do over me and constantly says, even in front of my art-school graduate father, how worthless my degree will be. It’s as if the concept of me not caring how much money I make so long as I’m doing what I love is completely alien to him.

I’ve been really trying to mend bridges with him for the past year and I decided I would go out and splurge a little bit on the christmas presents. I’ve never had much money so I made my family artwork this christmas, but in addition to that, I got my brother a nice and warm $80 jacket that he needed as well as the swiss army knife that he’s been dropping hints at for months. He gave me a stained fleece that he wrote “fag” in bleach on and a key chain that he got free from work.

After the present opening, his girlfriend comes up to me and says that I shouldn’t use the key chain as a key chain. Apparently the one he gave her months before shattered after she tried to put some keys on it and cut her hand.