So… this message may come across as weird or crazy, but I’m just gonna be honest and tell you what I’m into.

A little about me: white guy, from Ohio, college educated, had a degree in IT, was laid off about a year ago so my company could send my job to China.  I haven’t been able to find work since then, and, well… during the same time, I developed an intense.. interest in Asian women, particularly Chinese women.  Specifically, I am obsessed with having sex with Chinese women while they tell me things that make me feel empowered, such as telling me that I am the best lover they ever had, that America is the most powerful nation on Earth, that American men as incredibly masculine, ect ect.  I was recently dating a woman who had immigrated from China and who worked as a hairdresser, and she was very open to this sort of thing, but recently she ended things.  I truly felt empowered being with this woman and having her say these things about me, and I though I would try my luck meeting a woman like that again.  I saw that you are Chinese in your profile, and perhaps you would be interested in this?  All the best,