From my best friend of 3 years who I shared all my secrets with (we were 23-25 or so at the time), I received a desk set dictionary/thesaurus, a pair of ugly earrings, and a basket of scented bath stuff.

1. I bought the SAME SET through our work supply catalog FOR WORK… if I wanted a personal set I could have ordered one. SHE could have ordered it through work and gotten it free. WTF?

2. She knew the problems I had with my pierced ears and how they were unevenly aligned and I just gave up and let them close up. In addition, the type of closure would never, ever work with the misaligned holes I had even if they hadn’t closed up. She knew this, she was with me when I was lusting over sapphire earrings and WHY I wouldn’t buy them, because I couldn’t get them in. WTF?

3. I get migraines from scents. I get migraines from scents. I GET MIGRAINES! FROM SCENTS!!!!

It was the most depressing and disappointing Xmas. I’d gotten her chocolates made with her favorite wine, and some other personalized bullshit.

I hate receiving presents because it’s always so disappointing. Nothing horrifically hurtful like what she did there, but in general I get cheap, ugly things that have no bearing on my life or interests. I’m old enough to buy what I want, when I want it. I don’t need “gifts.”